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Well, this is the 7th time I've been scammed in my time as an artist. Im not sure yet but this indicates a probability of a 70% that Ive been scammed by someone by a dude on tumblr (No FA...Figures) He´s not responding nor saying when he is going to pay me. He asked for a high-quality pic without question, he never gave me an oc and he was eager for the sneak peeks. Anyways, Im going to give this guy a week, and if he doesnt reply then I guess Ill have to accept defeat.

Soooooooo if that happens, any one interested in a busty "MQ-9 reaper Drone" with a preggo alt? The pic is nearly complete, just need some inking and colors. Message me if any of ya are interested 
Holly shit, it has been like 1 year since I touched this site. Should i get back to this shit? I mean, I left this place because of a lot of shitty people

Commissions, Art Trades, Everything else

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 14, 2015, 1:27 PM

Ok, I lost track of everything. PLEASE Write here in the comments if I owe you something, commission, art trades etc and IF its paid or not. 

All of this so I can make a slot chart so I can keep a better organization of my stuff 


Journal Entry: Tue May 26, 2015, 1:53 AM

Myabe you are asking yourslef "hey, metalfoxxx has been awfully that lazy motherfucker even doing my commision?" if you are that lad/lass well my freind, the answer is yes....unfortunately for me Im doing some FINAL EXAMS! also I just had an

incident....yup, here´s what happened in short:
 Metlife Avaluo-002015 Aranda by metalfoxxx

So let me deal with my injuries and exams first ok? Ill appreciate your patience


Journal Entry: Wed May 13, 2015, 11:23 PM

Have you ever been in that month when you must study like a freaking machine just to barely pass final exams and you just did the unthinkable by re-installing skyrim+mods and because of that you dont sleep? and because of that you get delayed in your college schedule and need to work in the late night hours just to finish all your homework/essays/proyects and you just barely sleep 3 hours max AND BECAUSE OF THAT You take a nap at 3pm that end at 10pm and you start the fucking cycle all over again?! NO? TOO BAD BECAUSE THAT´S ME, LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!!!

Thats why I havnt done shit, really. I want vacations, a nap, a blanket and beer..please, PLEASE!

Just...Give some time to get my shit toghether

Ask Amber steel or some related tumblr stuff

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 9, 2014, 8:26 PM

Hey guys!!!! weeell, what do you think If I open a Ask Amber Steel blog in tumblr (NSFW) ??? I mean, I can but Im not 100% sure. I´d love to see what kind of questions are asked to amber (kinky and funny ones!) and reply them. So what do you think???   (my tumblr BTW

Please leave your thoughts in the comment section :D

Oh and I bought another tablet. The one I sent to repair will be ready in the next 2 months (screaming internally) so I bought a $100 one. O well, I still can make stuff with this. Hurray!

oh and one more thing, Do you know this guy? :iconsixpathsoffriendship: ??? no, Well ou should. I LOVE This dude! seriosly! He´s awsome and cool and awsome (lol) he gave me this premium membership just because yes. I tell you guys, this dude its beyond awsomeness. And dont let me start with his magnificent art! He is outstanding! Thank you , pal!

To everyone, Your stuff is in HOLD. My tablet stoped working. Is a Wacom Intuos 5 and it´s not working. Each time I plug in the tablet the computer just wont detect it. Not even the LED lights or any indicator turn on. The cable is intact and I take care of the tablet as if it were my own arm. I re instaled every software of wacom in my pc. Please I need help, Do anyone have the sam problem?
My borrowed pc broke down! I hate you apple corporation! DAMN! This is going to delay everything!!! Oh damn! my comissions!

Oh well, the good news is that my brother is taking me to best buy tomorrow, he´s going to buy me a laptop for my birthday! yay!!! so it will take 2 days.
HELL YEAH!!! I ended my finals! now Im free as a crazy winged fox! (no sense on that phrase) Now now, as long as I enjoyed this last week of freedom spending it with friends and playing those unfinished games that pleaded me to play them, Im now free to do any kind of stuff...You know, commissions. You see, Im dry now ($$$) I neeed some cash for the next year semester. I´ve already sold my XBOX 360 *sniff*. So help me and ask me for commissions!!! no really, Im open to everything! such as any anthro style, sexy, non sexy etc, even clop! yes, NSFW STUFF, you readed correctly, clop. Im actually working in a few of those at the moment...but nah nah, If you dont want any comish, then Ill do a FREE skecth for you if you spread the word! So help the good ol´ metalfoxxx on his quest of the mighty college. Myabe Ill hug you.


remember, comission prices:

- 5$ normal sketch (traditional & digital)
- 15$ normal badass pic (no more than 2 characters, traditiona & digital)
- 25$ normal + background (badass) (traditional & digital)
- Any Clop interest? contact me. (digital & traditional)
- for fanfiction illustration contact me and we will discuss the price

SOoooo, Right now IM in the middle of Finals...yeah, college life can be a living nightmare, you know, exams exams, proyects, blueprints, presentations, lectures and ahhhh!!!!! seriously, I bearly have time for myslef! BUT! it´s only 2 weeks, and this is the second, so my punishment is almost over.

Also, as you may have noticed, I have been practicing with my digital art, and Damit! I am sure you guys loved it!!! I had a lot of pageviews, favs and watchers in a short time thanks for those little pics, and I only did what? 3 digital pics? man, that´s for sure something BIG for me! I´ll start doing MORE digital stuff from now.

ANYWAYS, as the title says, Im still open for comissions. Anything you like, oc´s, anthro, sexy stuff, and more, and NOW you can choose between my traditional pencil and MY NEW DIGITAL STYLE!!!  ALSO I can, and Im willing to illustrate fanfics, yes, fanfics. SO, to ask a comission just send me a note here on deviant Art or in my Tumblr, Or you can contact me directly sending me an e-mail (

The prices:

- 5$ normal sketch (traditional & digital)
- 10$ normal pic (no more than 3 characters, traditiona & digital)
- 15$ normal + background (badass) (traditional & digital)
- for fanfiction illustration contact me and we will discuss the price

So I need cash again, you know, I need to pay stuff like food and other vital resources such as the internet and hot water...and *cough* GTA V *cough*. BUT seriously, as every human being I need Im asking for helping me this way.

You know? You can commission everything now, no matter how wierd your likings/fetish like/Wierd OCīs are, Ill make them for good money. Just note me here on dA or here directly Metalfoxx tumblr

remember the prices are:

- 5$ normal sketch
- 10$ normal pic (no more than 3 characters)
- 15$ normal + background (badass)

BUT! Just only for now! for who ever have tumblr out there, Im giving randomly 3 FREE sketches! for 3 different people offcourse (whatīs the catch? just reblog my tumblr and spread the word here on dA that the great and powerfull metalfoxx/metalpony has an amazing skill for the drawing tecnique and is open for commissions).

Just note me, e-mail me ( or send me a message in tumblr (Metalfoxx tumblr)
YEP! Iīve finally reached the univesity! Also I moved from my home to a cozy little apartment near the collafge! YEAH! finally freedom! (sort of) My own work space, bathroom, my own stuff, fridge (as tiny as hell) and time for myself but NO internet! in fact, Im in a cafe near the place just to write this and update some stuff, I must buy the internet service ASAP!

 *SIGH* I got to say, itīs kind of lonely you know? sure I have neightbors (Some blondie airheads and some douchebags, a pretty cute nice girl and a...dude/girl?) but I really miss my friends and family. But hell yeah,the positive side? I left back my False friends who left me for their douchebag boyfriends / nasty girlfriends and other non-wanted family.

But hey, itīs another step in life, a big one. So I just need to move on and deal with it! Wish me luck with that!
he, BTW, Now I can draw whatever I want without unwanted eyes (parents)

And finally, Im still open for tumblr comissions I really need the cash. So tell your friends!
Hereīs my tumblr!

So if you want a comission, go there or ask me here and pay there, cus here I only get dA points, which means no cash. There you can ask me whatever you want, fair price and fair everything!

BTW, no, Im not leaving dA.

GO! I need followers!

Moving to College

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 26, 2013, 11:04 PM

YES! I made it to college!!! unfortunately, Itīs far away from home and I had to rent an apartment, and it wasnīt cheap you know. So I have to move all my stuff and all that but the thing that is worring me is my daily survival (FOOD and resources) So I really need cash, I actually sold my xbox games and other shit but Im still short.

SO I was wondering if someone of you guys know how to use TUMBLR and could teach me how to use it, including paypal, because I really need CASH!, Iīll open some comissions to earn some coin, I need it because, you know, to get a fridge, a new windshield for my car, a TV, and many other things, So I need some help :D So I was hoping you could lend me a hand.

Anyways, Hope you read and comment

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Finally I can work...sort of.

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 4, 2013, 10:49 PM

Well, I have some problems to get back to work, those problems are Borderlands 2, farcry 3, Tombrider, new age of empires II, And 6 boxes full of coronas (beer). Men, Those games are FULL OF BADASSNES!!!!!! each one is a masterpiece!..and those beers, one day my brother brought them, no special reasons..sooooo games and beers, and vacations.....You known the deal.

Ha, also thanks to those beers I discovered my hidden talent...I can draw being drunk!!! dont ask, just happened, Iīll submit a couple of drunk-works. Yeah itīs kind of cool-wierd but What can I do LOL.

ohhhh ahhhh, work, but I enjoy drawing comissions, Hopefully If I can stop playing those awsome videogames Iīll finish em (nah, just a bit of shading and some twiks)



...and many others that I cant remember, send me a note if you are interested or if I forgot to mention :D...I know I know. again? yep again

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Metalfoxxx Grabs the pencil once more!!!

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 11, 2013, 10:44 PM

Yehhhh...A lot of time since my last journal huh?, well I decided to continue my Artist path here on dA once more, I must say that I really miss all this atention I have here, YOU guys are the best, you are my reason to keep drawing and doing what we call "art".

I suspended my artistic life because of my parents, school tryouts, work, deep depression, lazyness, friends & family problems and my recent hospital trip (accident) but I can say that I almost killed all those problems from my life, so yeah Iīll be around here on dA more often, Promise.

If you want to chat or just ask questions, donīt hesitate to type on the comment section. I can even do art trades and point comissions!

So who ever asked me one comish please tell me, For now I must complete 6 pending comissions (Yeh, literaly) But Iīll happily do them

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Happy holidays School is over and WTFs

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 20, 2012, 11:46 PM

So first, Iīve finaly finishe this semester, YAY! Vacations! I just finishe my exams and shit, so Im back to work again here on DA, no more delays.

So anyways, I discovered that someone or somepeople are posting my art work ALL OVER THE INTERNET, yes!, Iīve googled myself and I found like 18 different sites where my art is shown, really!, sites like: e621, furaffanity, MANY MANY tumblrīs, knowyourmeme, various pornsites, 4chan, ponychan, EQD, and a site called Derpibooru (where I even have the "metalfoxxx" category, here, take a look… ) so my firsts thoughts were "HOLY SHIT! REALLY!?!? and yes, I ask myself that, WTF??!! REALLY!?!! WHY!?!!?! WWWHYYYYYY?! Im not that popular! or even that good! I mean, people out there idolize me, they LOVE my sexy anthro MLP work. WTF?! REALLY!? I dont know what to say.
OH Without mentioning the incredible amount of watchers I receive per day and the comments and replys of GREAT artists like :iconmickeymonster:, :iconsketchywolf-13:. :iconsibsy:, :iconshalonesk: and :iconwhitmaverick:, Those comments on my art were TOO much for my brain.

Well indeed its crazy all this, but Im back again to work on ART stuff. So if anyone of you have a pendant comission please kill me with notes and comments and with pleasure Iīll read them.

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Well, I decided to stay on DA!

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 20, 2012, 7:07 AM
YAAAAY!!!...I guess? So well, after thinking about getting offline on this account and making a new one and shit, I realized that it`s better to keep the old one, why? because here on Metalfoxxx I have a decent reputation and Awsome watchers (friends). So expect new artwork from me since now because I have awsome new shit.

BTW I want to thank A LOT! I mean a F**katon of thanks to this guy :icondraconic-spirit: To give me this premium membership. I don`t know why but I really thank you dude, thanks!!!11!!! dude, please send me a Note for a FREE commission!!!

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Journal Entry: Sun Nov 4, 2012, 9:15 PM

HI EVERYONE! as you can see Iīve been away from about 3 months or maybe more,oh hell thatīs a lot of time, But I have a good reason, well first of all is that Iīve been fighting to enter a decent university and hell I got it! I HAVE 60% of chance to study in the great country of Australia! Hell yeah! my other reasons are simple, school projects, social obligations, ilness, family problems, B friend loss, And the fact that Im in a band (the bassist...great) so yeah, basicaly thatīs all.

Im writting this because I REALLLY want to re-do my profile here in DA, because at the begginig I started doing one thing and throught the pass of time I changed that, And I dont really enjoy this mix of "things" right now, So I dont know if just log off forever or open a new account speciffically to the "sexy stuff" and leaving this account for normal stuff. So guys I reeally need your advice right now. I just want to know who is still interested in me. SO PLEASE COMMENT so I can have an idea what to do

PS I miss all you guys!!!!

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Well, not much to say, only that My lap top has the F·$%&ng blue screen!Tes, I`ve been ofline because of that. Im still without computer, so I going to get a new one next week (right now, Im using my brothers laptop)

Oh yes, point comissions and art trades are open. Send me a note if you are interested

point comissions are between 50 points and 100 points

Comissions and ART trades I owe:

:iconbrohoofsunited: His GF OC Akira
:iconlordpendragonofcaria: a "wake up" of Queen Chrysalis
:iconkittykyomi: a "wake up" of her Oc Citrus
:iconthe-s-h-a-d-o-w: A pic of His OC
:iconlopo4567: A pic in a sexy style of his OC Shadow Blaze
:iconsparklesandunicorns: An art trade of his OC in a sexy style
:iconwolffrompoland: An art tade, Ember the dragon in a sexy Wake up style
:iconmagicaitrevor: A sexy pic of his OC Sonata
:iconholycross9: a Fluttermac lovely pic!
:iconferchocity: A pic of him "ponified"

This week I´ll finish all of the above.....I think.
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